Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

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This week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post was “home.”


For as long as I can remember, my mom would always decorate our front door with something to match the season—normally a wreath that would have different leaves and fruits depending on the season. It’s only fitting that we decorate our front door for Chinese New Year as well.

Below our front door, shiny coins rest, inviting more of its kind—including its close relative, paper money—inside our home. The scroll decoration we have on our door reads 招財進寶(zhāo cái jìn băo), which is the Traditional Chinese for “amass fortune and bring in treasures” (招财进宝 in simplified Chinese). In even plainer English, it means “let treasure and riches come in.” The way I see it, a little extra money couldn’t hurt. Besides, the shining Chinese characters really make our door look nice and make me feel more in touch with my (albeit small) Chinese roots.


Tomorrow, I will be accepting the Spirit of Tom Landry Character Award at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Luncheon and Fashion Show for my bone marrow donation and work at the hospital—a great way to spend this Chinese New Year! I’m so excited!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

  1. Congratulations, Joshua ! ! You deserve it, big time ! !

    Happy Valentine’s day !

    BTW, Mom and I went to the Asian supermarket again to buy some Mooncakes and ” tikoy…… alas ! All gone ! The shelves were empty !

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