Foodie Friday: Chinese New Year

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This is the last Friday of Chinese New Year, so I thought it would be fitting to send it off with good cheer through a Foodie Friday post! On February 9, the day before Chinese New Year, we had a feast of food to celebrate!

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Our theme was more general Asian as opposed to traditional Chinese or Filipino food for the New Year. Unfortunately, I had just gotten the rest of my braces on my top-teeth, so I couldn’t enjoy all of the food—the poor shrimp and bok choy was too hard to eat! But, I was able to have the noodles, and I made sure not to bite them! Luckily, it was Saturday, so my weekday vegetarian diet wasn’t in effect (although, I’d consider Chinese New Year a break day for eating vegetarian), meaning I was able to enjoy the jiaozi and wontons, as well as the noodles and orange chicken!

I hope you’ve all had a great Chinese New Year so far… let’s make the most of our last three days! Gong xi fa cai!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

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This week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post was “home.”


For as long as I can remember, my mom would always decorate our front door with something to match the season—normally a wreath that would have different leaves and fruits depending on the season. It’s only fitting that we decorate our front door for Chinese New Year as well.

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Getting Ready for Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year is probably one of my favorite times of the year. Along with New Year’s Day and Christmas. Maybe I really like winter holidays? (Valentine’s Day is only exciting if someone gives me nice chocolates, though.)

Tomorrow begins year 4711 on the Chinese Calendar, the Year of the Snake. As always, Hong Kong will have extravagant parades, and I’ll dream of the day I’m in Hong Kong, watching as a large, colorful dragon passes by me, the day I’m cheering along with the other millions who come out to see the parade.

Today isn’t that day though. Today, I am here. I have to make the most of what I have, since after all, I have to stay present. And I have to prepare for Chinese New Year!

I found this article on’s Chinese Culture site, detailing the four things to do to prepare for Chinese New Year.

  1. Go to the fortune teller.
  2. Get a haircut.
  3. Clean the house.
  4. Go shopping.

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