Orochon Ramen (and more J-Town)

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Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York all have something in common: each of these three cities fooled me into believing that I had somehow left the country and I was actually traveling abroad.

J-Town was when it started.

I’ve always been a big fan of Japan and many things Japanese. I definitely wouldn’t consider myself as part of that awkward obsessed-with-Japan-because-of-anime crowd that seems to be growing (“Japanophilia”). From less-than-a-year old to three-and-a-half, I lived in Tokyo — my dad worked there for about six years altogether — so naturally, I’m curious about the country I spent my infanthood in.

When my Tita Giselle, who was at the mini-reunion in La Puente, offered us a choice between J-Town (Japantown, or Little Tokyo) and K-Town (Koreatown), I naturally chose J-Town as my go-to place. Not only that, but my dad prefers Japanese food over Korean food.

We went to the Weller Court Shopping Area, a multi-level outdoor shopping center. In the parking lot, Tita Giselle gave us the infamous, small box of donuts she promised me we’d get.

As we looked for a restaurant, there were three main contenders: a curry restaurant, a Japanese barbecue restaurant, and a ramen restaurant. The ramen place, Orochon Ramen, was featured on Man v. Food, so I thought we might as well go there! Besides, I haven’t really had any good ramen; I’ve only had the instant ramen that you can buy at the Asian supermarket.


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