I’m Ready for You, 2014

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Whoa, can you believe 2013 is already gone? The new year came pretty quickly, but it didn’t take me by surprise.

Yesterday, my family and I spent hours cleaning the house, vacuuming, and getting our home ready for the new year to arrive so that luck could come in. I made sure my wallet was filled with money, because an empty wallet means no wealth or prosperity. After going to a friend’s house that night, we rushed home ten minutes before midnight because it’s bad luck to be outside the house when the clock strikes twelve—or so I’ve been told by my mom and grandma.

Within those last ten minutes, we turned on all the lights in the house so that 2014 will be a bright year. I scattered coins outside the door and around the house—on tables, on the ground, on the counters… all so that wealth would be attracted to my home. We turned on the TV and the radios and made a lot of noise to scare away evil spirits.

As the clock struck midnight, I jumped twelve times so that I would grow taller, and we all ate twelve grapes, one for every month of the year—a Spanish tradition that melted into Filipino culture that’s said to bring about prosperity and good fortune. I left the door to my room open, so that the good luck would flow into my room and fill me with good fortune, too.

As quickly as you may have come, 2014, I’m ready for you.

This year I have twelve New Year’s resolutions:

2014 Resolutions

While some of them are more health-oriented, like sleeping more (you should resolve to do this also!) and eating healthier, some of them are more emotional. I decided that this year, I want to try to let go of my expectations. If I hold expectations of how things will happen, I’m only setting myself up for disappointment when those expectations are not actualized. Instead, I want to release those preconceived notions and experience things with an open mind.

I want to be less reliant on other people and more independent. Not necessarily from my childhood—I’m not seeking emancipation or anything like that—but from people in general. I want to be comfortable with just having myself, to be able to get things done on my own, and to drop the feeling of helplessness when I have no one there to help me. Other people’s aid is a bonus, but not essential.

I want to be content. I want to extinguish the flames of desire and seek out a life where I can be happy with who I am and what I have in this life. Of course, this isn’t something that comes easily or quickly, and there’s no way it can be done in the span of a year, but all of us should begin taking little steps to live a life where we can be happy with what we have and not constantly be seeking more and more.

This 2014, I will work hard and to the best of my ability, because this is a new year and another opportunity to work towards a happier and healthier me.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? How did you ring in the new year? Be sure to leave a comment and share.

I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Day and a prosperous 2014 ahead of you!

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