I’m Ready for You, 2014

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Whoa, can you believe 2013 is already gone? The new year came pretty quickly, but it didn’t take me by surprise.

Yesterday, my family and I spent hours cleaning the house, vacuuming, and getting our home ready for the new year to arrive so that luck could come in. I made sure my wallet was filled with money, because an empty wallet means no wealth or prosperity. After going to a friend’s house that night, we rushed home ten minutes before midnight because it’s bad luck to be outside the house when the clock strikes twelve—or so I’ve been told by my mom and grandma.

Within those last ten minutes, we turned on all the lights in the house so that 2014 will be a bright year. I scattered coins outside the door and around the house—on tables, on the ground, on the counters… all so that wealth would be attracted to my home. We turned on the TV and the radios and made a lot of noise to scare away evil spirits.

As the clock struck midnight, I jumped twelve times so that I would grow taller, and we all ate twelve grapes, one for every month of the year—a Spanish tradition that melted into Filipino culture that’s said to bring about prosperity and good fortune. I left the door to my room open, so that the good luck would flow into my room and fill me with good fortune, too.

As quickly as you may have come, 2014, I’m ready for you. Continue reading

Here’s to 2013: My 10 New Year’s Resolutions

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The clocks have turned and the calendars have changed as everyone around the world celebrates the arrival of January 1, 2013. A new year signals many things: a new chapter, a new story, a new adventure, a new self.

Like many people, I have my list of New Year’s resolutions prepared:

  1. Eat vegetarian… most of the time.
  2. Write every day.
  3. Read more often.
  4. Spend less, save more.
  5. Be confident.
  6. Get enough sleep and go to bed by 10 pm. Continue reading